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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Dog?

Are you among the people who are absolutely in love with dogs? If so, then let’s kick off this article with one interesting fact related to pooches that you might not have known before you came to this site. You, my friend, are what we call a cynophilist. No, I am not insulting you at all. If you are a cynophilist, that means that you are a person who completely loves dogs! We’re guessing that’s one of the cool facts you didn’t know before. So if you think that you already know all there is to know about your favorite furry friend, then think again! So if you believe that you are already very knowledgeable about all there is to know about your pooch, then you might want to rethink that! So continue reading and be taken aback by some amazing facts about your fur baby that you might not have known before.

Out of all the common animal home companions, dogs are most probably the smartest ones. Some of you might already think of that as obvious. But the thing is, there is more to it than that – dogs can actually identify beyond 250 words as well as gestures! That’s approximately the same number of words and gestures that a child aged two years knows! And that is why your dog sits when you ask him or her to sit, and all of those things. That attests to the fact that dogs do know how to communicate with their fur parents.

In addition to that, pooches also have an innate clock that allows them to make sense of time. If your jaw dropped from that, you will be amazed that this fact is backed up by research. Such research has proven that dogs actually know what the difference is between just one hour and 5 hours. So that means they know if you went out to buy milk or you went out to go to work! And to add to their cool time knowledge, your furry bestie can also predict the events in their life that regularly happen. And this is why you might find them tugging on their leash at the time of walkies and licking your face while you are sleeping because it is time to take them outside for their morning potty. Wow, they’re really on the schedule, aren’t they?

This next fact further attests to what we said previously in this site that dogs are actually very good at communicating. You see, dogs have 18 muscles in each of their ears that make their hearing abilities surpass ours of only three ear muscles.

And the interesting dog facts don’t end there! There is so much truth in the saying that dogs can save your life. Because of the exceedingly strong senses that our fur babies have within them, some of them who are trained to do so can actually detect cancer as well as other diseases.

These are only a few of the amazing qualities that you beloved fur bestie has so head to this site for more!