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Examples of Old Time Remedies that Still Work Today

There are numerous people around the world suffering from sore throats, stiff necks or even persistent warts. Such medical conditions has enhanced the number of drug prescriptions by doctors and other specialists. Despite the evolving prescriptions for various illnesses, you have a choice of whether to use these prescriptions or any other time you feel unwell. This number of old-time remedies is so large. Below is a list of a few remedies which are still applicable treating some illnesses today.

The first old-time remedy which can be used in the treatment of sore throats is salt water. It is quite challenging to begin your day with a sore throat. It will be difficult for you to concentrate on your work throughout the day in case you have a sore throat. It is essential to note that a large number of drugs sold over the counter may not be effective in treating sore throat issues. In fact, one teaspoon of salt into mixed in eight ounces of warm water gargled in the mouth is likely to see the sore throats off within a short time. If this problem is persistent, it is prudent to seek the services of a medical specialist for treatment. Nevertheless, you must first try using salt and walk as it has a powerful healing effect that most drugs cannot attain.

The next old time treatment that you can use today is applying pressure on stiff necks. Research shows that a number of people suffer from neck pains on a yearly basis. A number of this neck pains are so severe calling for treatment by an experienced doctor. Examples of such neck pains include injuries sustained from accidents. Though, the only neck pains that you can use old-time remedies include those sustained from funny sleeping. This is usually done by the help of the thumb to loosen some tight muscles in around the area. Alternatively, you can make a trip to a chiropractor for these services in case you are unable to do it yourself. A little research is required if you want to find a reliable chiropractor whom you can trust for the task.

Another hint for an old-time remedy which still works today is using duct tape to treat warts. A roll of duct tape has thus become a major component of most if the American households. The duct tape can be used for various purposes. For instance, it surprising that some people do not know that duct tapes can be used in treating warts. Dermatologists have opined that placing a duct tape on a wart will clear it up in a few days.